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My name’s Salvetti Diego, I was born in San Giovanni Bianco (Bergamo) in the 1970, my loves is a radio and running on the muntains. I Works in the mantenance aviations company I’am an elettrical avionics technician and my job is a check, repair and installation of the instruments and navigations system on the airplanes. I live in San Giovanni Bianco (Bergamo) located Brembana Valley. I’am present in hf, vhf, uhf band for DX or local Qso.  My passion is born already in the late ’70s, when depopulated passion for the CB band, and saw my great interest in the radio received a handheld device, three channels 5 W, a gift from my parents. Li began the first experiments and links especially during the various walks in the mountains where with great surprise and limited means could make connections, dare I say “DX”, with operators of the Po Valley and the Apennines area.

From then on my passionhas also led to my QRL taking me to take care of the electric field in the avionics company where I work, my job is to check and repair install instruments and navigation systems on aircraft in addition to the normal maintenance and electrical avionics. In 1997 I obtained the license for amateur radio and for several years I became interested exclusively for VHF until the day I decided to buy my first paintings apparatus band Icom IC 7000 I opened a world almost totally unknown, the HF frequency.

I joined the ARI Bergamo in 2007, I met Claudio and Fabio IK2AOO IZ2GMT, which introduced me to the world of “HF Contest”, after which my station underwent a major change with the introduction of a system IC 756 Pro III, directional antenna paintings HF band with its trellis and to follow an amplifier SPE Expert 1K-FA. To them I owe a big thank you for all the help and support in making me learn about the various aspects of a passion, the contest, which still fills me with enthusiasm and passion, and …. some small result from time to time comes.

In 2008, with friends Andrea IZ2AJE, Enzo IZ2GLU, Fabio and Claudio IZ2GMT IK2AOO, we founded the VBDXC Team (Valle Brembana Dx & Contest Team), which took us first to Levanzo Island DXpedition with IF9E. In 2009 we organized our second outlet in Corsica with TK9E and in 2010 on the island of Lampedusa IG9E. http://www.vbdxc.altervista.org/